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I've got to be honest. I was overweight and out of shape. I didn't feel good. I was tired. My joints ached. My confidence was down. Like so many of you, I was unhappy about how I looked and how I felt. I knew I was getting older but I didn't want to feel older. Plus, talk about stress. Here I am, a single mom managing a career. It was very easy to put on a few pounds here and a few pounds there. Sometimes life just gets you off track and before you know it, you're 50 pounds heavier. Well, Nutrisystem got me back on track.

Nutrisystem is one of the oldest and most trusted weight loss companies in the world. They aren’t your typical fly-by-night weight loss supplement companies or e-book diet plans. Nutrisystem's revolutionary system offers a unique individualized approach to weight loss and are hands on with their partners every step of the way. Being the industry standard for over 40 years and helping millions of people lose weight proves they aren’t here to make a quick buck. But are legitimately interested in providing a great product that produces results and builds lasting trust.

How Nutrisystem works: Discover the secret behind the science that's helped millions lose weight.

It all starts with portion control: Nutrisystem makes all the portion control calculations for you. Portion controls are individualized to your own personal bench marks. The calculations are scientific and have been clinically proven to produce optimum results. All you need to do is enjoy the foods you love with portions that make more sense. Thus taking the guess work out of your daily food consumption.

Followed by Balanced Nutrition: Your body needs the right mix of nutrients to maintain energy and keep you satisfied. The problem with most diets is you’re either starving yourself or cutting out certain foods our bodies have become accustomed to. Thus making our days very difficult with low energy. This is a major reason why most dieters fail and end up going on binges. Which ends up adding even more body weight than before. Good balanced nutrition keeps the body satisfied and the mind alert. Making the diet more effortless, enjoyable, and ultimately more effective.

Keeping Meals Frequent: Eating six meals a day vs three. This helps with hunger urges and makes loosing weight less stressful. Instead of eating a couple big meals a day the system breaks down food consumption into 6 meals. The more we wait between meals the hungrier we get. This increases the odds of overeating. Our blood sugar begins to fall after about 3 hours without food. After 4 hours our body has already consumed what we had earlier. After 5 hours blood sugar levels are gone and we tend to grab whatever we see for a boost.

Every plan is individualized to your goals and body specifically.

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Nutrisystem offers 3 diet plan options. These options are tailored to lose weight, optimize overall health, and increase energy. No Gimmicks or Fads just straight forward solutions that work.

The key is great balanced nutrition. Having the right mix of nutrients will fuel the body. Healthy foods with no MSG, no Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, or Artificial Flavors. Main focus is delicious High Fiber (to feel fuller longer) and Lean Protein foods that are vital to loosing weight.

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